Comet ISON Prophecy

A famous Comet ISON prophecy was made by Nostradamus. And there are connections between the close approach of Comet ISON to the Sun and the Mayan Haab calendar. Mundane astrology also connects the date of Comet ISON's close approach in November, 2013, with major global events and possible catastrophes.

Comet ISON prophecy -- its orbit and close approach to Sun and Earth.

Orbit of Comet ISON (Photo credit: NASA)

Comet ISON and Pope Francis

These three sources — Nostradamus, the Mayan calendars and mundane astrology — all point to a period when Pope Francis will be vulnerable to attack. If only one prophecy or omen about ISON were in play, then the threat would not be so credible. The time frame is from October 17, 2013. through January 2014.

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Published in May, 2013, WHEN THE COMETS RUN is a 32,000-word book that details connections between Comets ISON, PANSTARRS, ENCKE and others, as well as asteroids making close approaches to the Earth or Sun from 2013-2036. WHEN THE COMETS RUN is available as an ebook for Kindle, WIndows, Macintosh, and tablets and smartphones for $4.99.
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