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The Death of Osama bin Laden and Mayan Astrology

The order to attack Osama bin Laden's hideout in Pakistan was issued by President Obama on Friday, April 29, according to the LA Times. In the tzolkin, or chol' qi (the Mayan Sacred Calendar) that date was 13 Tijax (in Ki'che' Mayan).

13 is the highest coefficient for a Mayan day sign, which makes the day intense and powerful. Tijax (Etznab in Yucatecan Maya) means the sacrificial knife. It can also mean healing, as with a scalpel. And the order for Osama's death was called a surgical strike by the media (the White House says that the Seal team went in with the knowledge that they would have to kill Osama). So clearly, there are links between the timing of the Presidential order and the Mayan Sacred Calendar.

Storm Warning the Next Day

The plan went forward on Saturday, which was 1 Storm (Kawoq/Cauac). This means trouble and problems. Because 1 Storm is the trecena ruler for that day and the following twelve days, its influence remains in effect through May 12. This would suggest more problems related to Osama's death through May 12.

Osama Killed on 3 Crocodile

Also according to the LA times, the USA special forces team attacked Osama's compound in Pakistan in the early hours (local time) on Monday, May 2. (There is a 10-hour time difference between Washington, D.C. and Pakistan.) This was 3 Crocodile.

Crocodile means turbulence and the unexpected, and these days often bring world-shaking events. In fact, the 9/11 attack took place on 6 Crocodile, and Mubarak left Egypt on 1 Crocodile (which many consider the first day of the 260-day calendar). Many other major historical events have occurred on Crocodile days.

Osama's Composite Chart for 3 Crocodile

It is possible to combine a person's main Mayan day sign with a that of a specific date to glean more insights. A composite chart combining Osama's day sign, 13 Snake, with 3 Crocodile leads to 3 Death (Kame/Cimi). Though physical death rarely is linked to the nahual Death, in some cases it does—and in this case it appears to have happened.

Revenge Attack Next Week?

The fact that the killing took place during a Storm trecena could also indicate that a revenge attack will take place by May 12. If so, the most likely day is May 10, which is 11 Water. Water means "to pay," and 11 is considered the most negative of the numbers from 1-13, a day to stay alert for problems. Again, the combination of 11 Water in a Storm trecena underscores this interpretation.

But Saturday, May 7, is another possibility, because this is 8 Death. Death usually means transformation and change, but in this situation could actually mean physical death. The coefficient 8 is not only powerful but well-balanced, so a terror attack on this date would probably achieve its goals. (Note that these are not predictions, just the days that a Mayan astrologer would choose for staging such actions.)

Update: First Threat of Vengeance Attack

Several days after the above paragraph was posted, a Somali-based group vowed on May 7 to avenge Osama's death, according to the Voice of America web site.

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