Differences in Belief Systems of Contemporary Maya



"The Maya say this," is a common line on FB and various sites but it is usually more accurate and informative to say that "The Ki'che' Maya of Momostenango say this," "The Cakchikel Maya at Volcan Fuego say that,: or "The Mam Maya of Tapachula say the other. Why?

Because even though most Maya share the basic belief system regarding cosmovision, spirituality and astrology, various differences exist.

When Does the Haab Begin?

For example, the Yucatecan Maya say the first day of the haab, or solar calendar, falls on April 2 in 2013, while most Guatemala Maya call it February 21. That’s quite a difference.


Whose Year Bearer is It, Anyway?

Various Maya in Guatemala use non-standard Year Bearers. The Tree of Life is interpreted differently, though these differences are generally more subtle. Cultural differences between the Ki’che’ and Tzu’tujil often explain such anomalies as these. But in many cases it is important to consider the views of various Maya and see what most agree on, and create a synthesis that works.


The True Meanings of the 13 Numbers in Mayan Astrology

The esoteric meanings of the 13 numbers that are part of a Mayan day sign vary significantly, between various Maya. I am careful to rely on those meanings that I can double-source. If at least two groups, especially if not in the same geographic area, agree, then it is reasonable to accept it.

No one knows it all, even the most highly regarded day keepers. Like them, we must all continue to study and learn, and do so from multiple Maya sources rather than assume that any one group has all the answers.



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