Mayan Astrology, Day Signs, Relationship Charts, Tree of Life, and Constellation Readings: An Explanation

Mayan Astrology and Mayan Day Signs, or Nahuales: Explanation

Mayan astrology signs and Western astrology signs differ in several ways, as this explanation of Mayan astrology will show. A Mayan day sign is based on the nahual, or Mayan spirit, whose energy was in effect on a person's birth date, not on the positions of the sun, moon and planets. Besides doing Mayan astrology signs for individuals, it is possible to do Mayan astrology compatibilty charts for relationships.

Life Readings: The Mayan Tree of Life

and the Constellation

Only with Mayan astrology can one can one get a life reading such as the Advanced Tree of Life or Constellation. These charts provide guidance throughout an individual's Youth, Adulthood and future.

Mayan Day Signs and Astrological Attributes

Also, Mayan astrology has only 20 day signs, one for each nauhal. That's eight more than Western astrology, so a greater range of personality types and behavior is provided with a Mayan astrological reading.

Mayan Relationship Charts and Readings

Relationship charts for couples and other kinds of partners are done by combining their day signs into a composite day sign that represents the couple.

How Do I Find My Mayan Day Sign?

Several Web sites make this easy. See Find Mayan Day Sign for links.

Books About Mayan Astrology

For more information, see The Mayan Calendar Users Guide for Kindle, PC, Mac, I-Pad and othr digital formats, at Mayan Calendar Users Guide.


Mayan Astrology: The Mayan Calendar User's Guide