The Meaning of the Nahual of the Day and Its Energy



Many Websites now announce the Mayan nahual of the day and describe its influence on activities, emotions and making plans for the day. Too many of them are flowery, New Age interpretations that drift off-course from the genuine Mayan meanings.

And all of them provide only a general guide to applying the nahual of the day to your life. It’s not that simple.

With 260 different day signs, one simple interpretation is just not enough. And if you consider other factors, such as the person’s nahual, trecena ruler and the Year Bearer, which some Guatemalan Maya say are important, these three factors—260 day sign x 13 trecenas x 4 Year Bearers—amount to 1,040 permutations.

A Composite Chart of the Day’s Nahual
and of an Individual

Some of the other factors that should be considered to obtain more specific guidance include a person's day sign (coefficient and nahual,


such as 5 Net). With these one can create a composite day sign for the individual and the date. This tells how to approach the energy of the day’s nahual.

For example, if today’s nahual—10 Seed (also called Rabbit)—then the general interpretation is that the day is ripe for planting the seed of a new project or relationship, even for impregnation. (One meaning of the four dots in the illustration is that they are seeds from the four kinds of corn used to create humanity.)

But a composite day sign for 10 Seed and a person's Mayan nahual and coefficient can deliver more specific knowledge.

Applying the Energy of the Composite Day Sign

When 10 Seed is combined with the day sign of a person who is 5 Deer, the composite day sign is 2 Eagle. This says the person, when planting a seed, will do more effectively by being aggressive and ambitious, two


key traits of Eagle. One meaning of the coefficient 2 is that the energy of 10 Seed should be applied to this person’s relationships.

If the resulting composite were 2 Water, then a more passive approach would likely prove more effective for a 5 Deer person.

See the core meanings of each of the 260 combinations of the numbers 1-13 and the 20 nahuales.

For more information on this topic, see Meanings of the Nahuales


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