Mayan Year Bearer of 2012: 13 Earth


On February 22, 2012, the Mayan 365-day solar calendar, called the Ab in Ki'che and Haab in Yucatecan, began anew. Each solar year is brought in by one of four signs from the 260-day Sacred Calendar.

The Year Bearer of 201 is Wind (Iq/Ik), according to most contemporary Maya. It means thought, ideas and movement. World events and society are affected by the Year Bearer.


Earth years find leaders forced to come up with fresh ideas and ways to do things. But according to the new school of Mayan time cycles and the Grand Wayeb, it is really an Eagle year. (See Grand Wayeb and New Year Bearers.)

But it can also mean earthquake. This is the same hieroglyph seen in the center of the Aztec Sun Stone Calendar where it represents the current world age. Ths Sun Stone is on exhibit in Mexico City.



People as well as society can be influenced by the Year Bearer, especially those with the Mayan day sign of Crocodile (Imox/Imix).

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