Chinese Zodiac: The Monkey, Dog, Rooster and Ox


The Chinese zodiac is centered on 12 animals such as dog, monkey, rooster and ox. Interestingly enough, dog and monkey are among the eight of the 20 contemporary Mayan day signs that are animals (the others are snake and tiger). Both Chinese and Mayan astrology have been used for thousands of years.

Chinese Zodiac and Mayan Astrology

Chinese zodiac astrology also involves the Chinese calendar of 60 years, which is based on each year being


ruled by one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. It is used by the Chinese today to schedule holidays and ceremonies as well as personal activities involving love compatabily, work and compatibility matches.

The tzolkin, or Mayan 260-day calendar, was used for the same purposes—and continues to be used for these as well as for spiritual guidance by many Mayans in Guatemala and parts of Mexico.

According to Chinese legend, all the animals of the Chinese zodiac were selected by the Jade King. Jade was


a sacred stone for the Mayan, who valued it more highly than gold.

"What is my Chinese zodiac?"

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