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Mayan Astrology Compatibility Readings for Relationships


Mayan Relationship Readings

A Mayan compatibility reading gives guidance for couples, friends and business relationships. A composite Mayan relationship reading and chart can be done for two or more people.



As with any other Mayan astrology compatibility reading, a composite astrological chart of two or more people is based on the 260-day Sacred Mayan Calendar, or tzolkin, which is also used to do Mayan astrological readings and charts for individuals.



Most people find themselves naturally attracted to people of the opposite sex whose nahual appears on the right side of the main nahual in the center of a five-nahual Tree of Life, because that is the sign of feelings and emotions.

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Mayan prophecies and predictions say the world will end with another flood.

Mayan Compatibility and Relationships

Mayan Compatibility Readings

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