Compatibility Readings for Relationships and Business with Mayan Astrology



Compatibility readings done with Mayan astrology give guidance for couples, friends and businesses. Discover the strengths, weaknesses and potential for relationships from love and romance, to a small business or even large corporation, to any group or relationship, such as a band or dance ensemble.

The Constellation, a nine-nahual chart, must be prepared for each person involved.


Then a composite chart for the people is used to discover more information about them as a couple or business team.


Astrology Compatibility Readings

Mayan astrology compatibility readings can be done for two or more people. (Shay Addams, who specializes in this field, created the first composite chart for all four of The Beatles.) These readings include an individual reading for each person as well as a Mayan compatibility reading.


Researched and written in Guatemala, The Mayan Calendar User's Guide reveals how to create and interpret composite charts, with examples based on The Beatles, Bonnie and Clyde, and others.

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