Mayan Horoscopes Readings

A Mayan horoscope reading focuses on the nahuales, the 20 spirits who are major influences in your life. The main one is your Mayan nahual of Adulthood, in effect throughout your life. There are two types of readings: a five-sign Cross of Life and the nine-sign Constellation.

Mayan Horoscope Charts and Readings

Both kinds of Mayan horoscope reading tells the cosmic meaning of your main nahual, which reveals the energy with which your were born and, therefore, the kinds of things you do best. It also points out personality traits, the same as Chinese astrology and Western astrology do, though the latter systems are based on 12 signs, not 20.

The Mayan Tree of Life and Constellation Charts

A basic Mayan horoscope chart called the Tree of Life gives you four more nahuales that influence your Youth (through age 26) and Future (52 and beyond).

But a Mayan horoscope reading called the Constellation also provides eight more nahuales, which influence your action and feelings in the Future (52 and beyond). And a Mayan constellation uses these to provide you with a path through life. This is highly recommended for people near the age of 26 or 52, and past 52.

You can obtain a Mayan horoscope reading for yourself, or a relationship reading for two or more people (business or love astrology).

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Find your Mayan day sign and traits astrological traits of your nahual

This ebook from Guatemala reveals everything you need to know your Mayan day sign and and that of other people. It includes how to find a Mayan day sign, a full description of your cosmic energy and astrological personality traits, glyphs for each nahual.