Mayan Horoscopes and Astrological Charts


A Mayan horoscope can be one of three basic types.

There is the one-sign horoscope, which focuses on the nahual of Adulthood and is determined by which nahual was Lord of the Day when you were born. The day sign in the center of the Tree of Life chart on the right, 4 Deer, is used in this example.

Above it is the nahual of Youth (through age 26); below, that of Future (52 and beyond). These two influence you during those phases of life, though the main one is in effect as well.


The one on the left is the Action nahual, telling you how to approach actions regarding the energy of your main nahual. On the right, the Feeling nahual influences your emotions and intuitions. These are also in effect throughout life.

The nine-sign Constellation adds four more nahuales in the corners. They serve the same purpose as the main sign's Action and Feeling nahuales, but apply only during Youth and Future.


Mayan horoscope chart: Tree of Life for Piers Morgan.


This is the Tree of Life for Piers Morgan, a particularly annoying English television host.


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