Find Your Mayan Day Sign and Its Meaning


Find Your Mayan Day Sign

Your Mayan day sign, the day sign of Adulthood, is the one in the center of a Mayan horoscope chart known as the Tree of Life. This chart gives guidance on your path of destiny.

The easiest way to find a day sign is on a Web site like Geoff Stray's day sign calculator at Find Mayan Day Sign. Enter your date of birth and write down the number and name at the top on the right side. Use the chart in the center column of this page to convert the nahual names from Stray's calculator from Yucatec to Ki'che'.

Were You Born After Sunset?

Your time of birth is important. According to most Maya in Guatemala, people born after sunset are influenced by the nahual of the next day. This is because the energy of today's sign begins fading out at sunset while that of tomorrow's starts fading in. The closer to midnight, the stronger the effects of the incoming day sign on the individual.

If you were born after 10 PM, you almost certainly should use the next day's sign. You can find it in the table below, which lists them in order. If born between sunset and 10 PM, look over the personality traits on the page about the meanings and use the one that best describes you. (Or get someone else to do so if you find it hard to be objective.)

They are given in Yucatec Maya. The following list translates them into Ki'che' Maya, which is now the standard for Mayan astrologers.


The 20 Nahuales

Yucatec Ki'che' English Glyph
Imix Imox Crocodile Mayan glyph for Crocodile Imox Imix.
Ik Iq' Wind Mayan glyph for Wind Iq Ik
Akabal Aq'ab'al Night Mayan glyph for Night Akabal Aq'ab'al
Kan Kat Net/Lizard Mayan glyph for Net Lizard Kat
Chicchan Kan Snake Mayan glyph for Snake Serpent Chicchan Kan
Cimi Kame Death Mayan glyph for Death Kame Cimi
Manik Kej' Deer Mayan glyph for Deer Manik Kej
Lamat Q'anil Seed/Rabbit Mayan glyph for Seed Rabbit Qanil Lamat
Muluc Toj' Water Mayan glyph for Water Toj Muluc
Oc T'zi Dog Mayan glyph for Dog Tzi Oc
Chuen B'atz Monkey Mayan glyph for Monkey Chuen Batz
Eb E Road Mayan glyph for Road E Eb
Ben Aj' Corn Mayan glyph for Corn Aj Ben
Ix Ix' Jaguar Jaguar Ix
Men Tzi'kin Eagle Mayan glyph for Eagle Men Tzikin
Cib Ajmaq Vulture/Owl Mayan glyph for Vulture Owl Cib Ajmaq
Caban Noj' Earth Mayan glyph for Earth Caban Noj
Etznab Tijax Knife Mayan glyph for Knife Etznab Tijax
Cauac Kawoq Storm Mayan glyph for Storm Cauac Kawoq
Ahau Ajpu



Mayan glyph for Sun Ahau Ajpu

Now that you know your Mayan sign and its coefficient, such as 5 Eagle, you can find its cosmic meaning and personality traits by clicking on the corresponding glyph in the table above.

Do not confuse the Yucatecan word Kan (Snake) with the Ki'che' word Kan (Net).


The Tree of Life

The key influence on your life is your main nahual. It can be affected by several other nahuales in the Tree of Life, which is shown below. The five nahuales with thick borders depict the Tree of Life.

Your nahual is in the center. At the top is your nahual of Youth, which is another influence that last through around 20 years of age. Below, the nahual of Future begins to fade in around 52, though your main nahual is still working.

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The nahuales on the left and right of the central nahual are called the helpers. The one on the left, called the Action nauhual, provides guidance on how to go about doing things, how to approach taking action. The helper on the right, the Feelings nahual, tells how to deal with emotions and relationships.

In the four corners, other nahuales can be added to turn the entire nine-nahual chart into a Constellation.


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