The Numbers 1-13 in the Mayan Sacred Calendar


Each of the 260 day signs in the tzolkin, Sacred Calendar, pairs a nahual with a number from 1-13. The higher the number, the stronger the influence of the nahual's energy, so a 10 Eagle would demonstrate more intense Eagle qualities, such as ambition, than a 2 Eagle. The 20 numbers were originally based on either 13 ancient deities or a sub-cycle of the Moon.

Esoteric Meanings of Numbers 1-13

Each number also has an esoteric meaning, such as 1 meaning unity and beginnings. Not all Maya groups agree on the meaning of all the numbers. The meanings of all the number are revealed in my book, Mayan Calendar Users Guide.

The trecena ruler, or nahual that governs each day in the 13-day trecena is tinted by the trecena ruler, which should be considered when interpreting the day sign on one’s life.


For example, 1 Dog (T’zi) affects the meaning of the following day sign, 2 Wind (Iq), and the next 11 days. Dog’s core meaning is guidance or counsel.

As trecena ruler, Dog is telling us to seek guidance before acting on the meaning of the following day's sign, Wind, which signifies breath of life or imagination. In some situations, it could mean to give such counsel to others. The number 1 could mean 1 Dog is a good time for an individual to start or schedule a meeting with an adviser or counselor on any topic.

The lesser meanings of a nahual, such as Dog’s meaning of loyalty and faithfulness, might be brought into play by the number. If a couple is involved, for example, 2 Dog might be a good time to consult with a marriage counselor or seek advice from friends and family.


How to Find the Trecena Ruler

Look up today’s day sign, such as 5 Sun, on the Calendar Board. To find the current trecena ruler, look for the first day sign beginning with 1 that precedes 5 Sun. This would be 1 Vulture (Ajmaq).

To find the next trecena ruler, do the same but use the day sign that follows today’s sign. Here the next trecena would begin on 1 Water (T’oj).



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