Trecenas of the Mayan Sacred Calendar, or Tzolkin


The Trecena Ruler

The Tzolkin begins on 1 Imox, or Crocodile, according to all four of the ancient calendar boards discovered in Mexico and Guatemala, and ends with 13 Ajpu, or Sun, before recycling.

The first day of a trecena is that trecena’s ruler, and it influences energy and events throughout the trecena. This tells us the kinds of things that will work best during this time.




Influence of the Trecena Ruler on Each Day

The trecena ruler should be considered when interpreting each day’s sign. Spiritually, each trecena is a time to honor and respect the nahual of is ruler by reflecting on it throughout all thirteen days.


How to Find the Trecena Ruler

Look up today’s day sign, such as 5 Sun, on the Calendar Board. To find the current trecena ruler, look for the first day sign beginning with 1 that precedes 5 Sun. This would be 1 Vulture (Aqmaj).

To find the next trecena ruler, do the same but use the day sign that follows today’s sign. Here the next trecena would begin on 1 Water (T’oj).

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