Earthquakes in 2011-2012

In 2011, the United States Geological Survey reports that 2448 earthquakes 5.0 or higher occurred. This is a startling increase in seismic activity over the 35 years since 1977, as seen in the chart below. The number of events for key years is enclosed in parentheses beside the year.

Note that the 7 Mayan Prophecies began in September 1999, at the time of the total solar eclipse that was potentially visible from more parts of Earth than any other in recorded history.

The 4th Mayan Prophecy, which is supposed to bring more earthquakes, floods, solar storms and other catastrophes, began in either 2006 or 2008, when total solar eclipses took place.

earthquakaes major 2011

Geologists always say that geological activity takes place over millions of years, so what happens in 10-50 years is not important.

We say that what happens in the next 10 years is important—because we are living in the time span.

More Major Earthquakes in 2012

In January, 2012, Japanese geologists announced there is a 70% change of a colossal earthquake in Tokyo in the next four years. California and the rest of the West Coast of the USA is long overdue for The Big One.

And major quakes are now occurring in unusual places, such as the Virginia earthquake that put a long crack in the side of the Washington Monument in 2011.

It remains impossible to predict earthquakes, but the pattern is clear..

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