Mayan Ceremonies and the Sacred Calendar


Many of the 260 days in the tzolkin, or chol'qi, are the occasion for public ceremonies for the community, and everyone should perform a ceremony on the date of their Mayan day sign. The Ki'che' of Guatemala, for example, celebrate 8 B'atz/Chuen as the first day of the Sacred Calendar.

Ceremonies in the Guatemalan Highlands

Major Mayan ceremonies take place around fire pit of stones. Candles, flowers, water and other items of colors related to the nahual of the



day are arranged around a roaring fire in which big cakes of copal incense burn.

kenneth johnson mayan ceremony

The photo is of Kenneth Johnson, author of Jaguar Wisdom and Mayan Calendar Astrology, at the new year's day ceremony of the solar calendar at Lake Atitlan.


Private ceremonies can be more simple, or as elaborate as desired. This blog tells how to perform one: Mayan Ceremonies. Purification and cleansing, both of people and locations, are other types of Mayan ceremonies.

Shay Addams' book, The Mayan Calendar Users Guide, tells how to conduct these and other Mayan ceremonies as they are practiced today in the Guatemalan highlands.


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