The Iraq War & Mayan Astrology


A striking example of the accuracy of the Mayan Sacred Calendar is the invasion of Iraq and the events that led up to it, such as 9/11.

From George W. Bush to Osama Bin Laden, from Saddam Hussein to Donald Rumsfeld, alll the major players in the Iraq war have powerful Mayan day signs in the 260-day calendar used for astrology, divination and guidance. (Their nahuales, the spirit that ruled the day of their birth, is provided this format: English (Ki'che'/Yucatecan).

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Obama and Osama: Snake vs. Snake

Snake (Kan/Chicchan) is among the most powerful of the twenty nahuales in the spirit world, which the Maya say exert a strong influence on what happens on the material plane.

Thirteen is the highest coefficient for a day sign. This intensifies the nature and energy of Snake. The coefficients 11-13 are considered so intense by contemporary Maya in the Guatemalan highlands, that they feel things can get out of control on these days.

Snake’s cosmic meaning is the pursuit of truth and justice; it is also the nahual most likely to turn evil as a result of a power struggle.

Osama bin Laden and George W. Bush are both 13 Snake! That's what the Iraq war was really all about, a confrontation between two powerful Snakes.

Osama and Bush’s Relationship Chart

Combine their day signs into a composite that represents them as a relationship, in this case as adversaries, and the result is 13 Dog (Tzi/Oc). Another 13, making the combination a powerful one that can easily get out of control.

Dog’s key meanings are guidance protection and, authority.. But Dog's negative attributes are being manipulative, proud to the point of arrogance, and stubborness.

Even more to the point is the fact that their Future was 8 Knife. Knife's key meanings are based on the source of it's Mayan name for the sacrificial knife: pain, suffering, loss. Their combined energy certainly gave that to the world.



Mayan Day Signs of Rumsfeld & Condoleeza Rice

Another big player in the Iraq war was Donald Rumsfeld, who headed up the Department of Defense during the war. His Mayan day sign is 12 Eagle (Tzi’kin/Men). Again, a powerful coefficient.

Eagle means flying high, spiritual or material advancement and ambition. Eagles can become over ambitious and manipulate others or lie to them to achieve their goals. Does this sound familiar? Also, the symbol of the logo for the USA’s Department of Defense is an eagle.

And he, as well as Bush, worked closely with Condoleeza Rice. She is 11 Knife (Tijax/Etznab), which means pain, suffering and loss. The coefficient 11 can bring life challeges and tests.

Then-Vice President Dick Cheney is 6 Wind (Iq/Ik), whose key cosmic meanings are breath of life and bad news. Cheney was certainly bad news; Wind also represents the destructive forces of the universe.

Note that in a conflict or relationship, the person whose day sign has higher coefficient usually has the upper hand. And keep in mind that Powell was overruled by other members of Bush’s cabinet. Powell’s coefficient is 5, which is barely overruled by Cheney’s 6. But he was overwhelmed by the 12 of Rumsfeld and 11 of Rice.

Saddam Hussein's Mayan Day Sign

Saddam Hussein was 11 Water. He paid with his life; and he died on 5 Death (Came/Cimi). Another heavy hitter on the other side was Abu Musabad Zarqawi, an Al Qaeda leader whose Mayan day sign was 11 Death.

As with a Tarot reading, Death does not always mean literal death; in this case, but sometimes it does; he not only planned and caused death on a grand scale, but is the only other major player besides Saddam who is dead (assuming that Osama is still hiding out in a condo in Cleveland).

The birth dates of many key people who were either Iraqi, Iranian or other Muslims, are not available, but it is the conclusion of this author that one would find other people with powerful Mayan day signs.

Was the Invasion of Iraq Planned with Mayan Astrology?

The invasion of Iraq officially started date on March 20, 2003. That was 2 Cib in the chol’ qi, as the Mayan Sacred Calendar is known in Guatemala.


Vulture is one of two bird nahuales in the calendar, and the invasion relied mainly on air power. But 2 is a low, weak number that is out of place for such an event, and Vulture itself is not deemed a good day to start a project.

However, the orders that set the attack into motion were issued on the previous day, 1 Eagle—another bird. Eagle means—truth and justice, ambition and flying high. The eagle, say the Maya, “sees its prey, cries out, and gets it.”

Day of The Eagle: Pushing the Button

1 Eagle is a low number; a 7 or 8 days would be the best time to launch an attack. But 1 Eagle is also the trecena ruler, which affects people on the subconscious level for 13 days. The USA’s “shock and awe” strategy (masterminded by Donald Rumsfeld, a 12 Eagle himself) was meant to hit the Iraqi’s on a psychological level, “below the psychic belt,” so to speak. The Eagle—in the form of Stealth bombers and fighter jets, brought death from above.

So 1 Eagle was an excellent day to launch Desert Storm. The attack was also launched on the vernal equinox—the first day of spring. So the invasion forces had two powerful astrological influences on their side: 1 Eagle and the vernal equinox.

End of the Invasion

The conflict officially ended on May 1, 2003 . This was 9 Wind. The 9 heightens the intensity of Wind, which means means breath of life. It can also mean bad news and forces of destruction. 9 Wind turned out to be bad news for both the Iraqis and troops from around the world who fought there for years afterward.

US troops left the country on 19 August, 2010. This was 7 Snake in the Mayan Sacred Calendar. Snake was a well-timed day for the departure, as it calls for direct action in the pursuit of truth and justice, and 7 is one of the best-balanced of the most powerful coefficients in a Mayan day sign.


The Invasion of Iraq appears to have been planned according to Mayan astrology by world leaders with intense Mayan day signs. The examples provided here are not coincidences, for there are far too many and they are far too interlinked. If this evidence is not conclusive, it clearly indicates, as Kurt Vonnegutt, Jr., used to say, "Someone should look into this."



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