Mayan Astrology and Archaeology News

New breakthroughs in Mayan astrology and archaeology from Guatemala and Mexico are reported here.

December, 2015: New "Lost City" Discovered in Guatemala Last Month

Just one kilometer from the city of Retalulheu and on the way to the ruins of Takalik Abaj, Guatemalan archaeologists uncovered stone monuments and structures as they began a month of excavations at the site. It is smaller than nearby Takallik Abaj, and might have begun as an Olmec village that transitioned into a Mayan town. The transitional phase could have been dominated by Mixe-Zoqueans, who ran Izapa in Mexico about the same time.

October, 2015: Pyramid at Tonina Recognized as the Tallest Pyramid in Mexico

Discovered five years ago, the Tonina pyramid was thought to be built on a hill; therefore, it was called an acropolis. Recent excavations have determined that the entire "hill" is really one structure that is over 240 feet tall, or twice the height previously thought, according to archaeologists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

The tallest pyramid in Mexico is now Tonina, in Chiapas, after recent discoveries there led archaeologists to update its height.That makes it even taller than Teotihuacan's Pyramid of the Sun. Archaeologists have also discovered the city had seven districts, each devoted to a different purpose. Further excavations and interpretation of the many hieroglypic texts are expected to yield additional information. For more about the site, see Tonina, Chiapas.

September, 2015: Cenote Discovered Beneath Pyramid of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza

Rene Chavez, a specialist from UNAM, recently discovered a huge cenote, or body of water, under the Pyramid of Kukulan by placing electrodes around the structure. Similar research had previously uncovered steps leading to a body of water below another structure, El Osario.

An underground cenote has been discovered below the Pyramid of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza, Mexico.Researchers are now seeking an entrance from the Pyramid of Kukulkan to the cenote beneath it. The cenote might also be connected to the ceremonial cenote nearby.

They also aim to determine if the Maya who built the pyramid were aware of the cenote and situated the structure there for that reason. This is likely, as many Mesoamerican sacred sites, such as the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuana, are built of caves.

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