Monthly Mayan Calendar Daily Guide, Day Signs, Nahuales: May 2016


Our monthly Mayan calendar for May 2016 reveals the Mayan day signs, or nahuales, that rule each day of the month, and the trecenas.

Knowing the nahual of the day enables you to harmonize with that energy and more effectively plan events and so on.

The higher the number, such as 13 Sun, the more intense the energy. For the meanings of each nahual, see Meaning of Nahuales. Use this to guide you through life on a daily basis in 2016 and beyond.

The Trecenas of the Month

The trecena ruler influences the interpretation of the nahual of the day; keep it in mind when deciding how to realize the nahual's energy, its core meaning.

Through May 5, we are in the trecena of Storm. Domestic life is highlighted; pay attention to the words or acts of a strong woman.

The first new trecena of May starts with Road on the 6th. Road can mean travel, but can also mean to stay alert for new doors that lead to paths in fresh directions.

1 Snake rules the final trecena of May, which begins on the 20th. Snake is a time of sudden action, a good time to execute a plan. Sex is another definition.



Mayan Prophecies and Predictions

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