Mayan Astrology Readings, Charts and Horoscopes


Mayan day signs, horoscopes and astrological charts are based on the Mayan Sacred Calendar.

Your Mayan Astrology Reading Includes:

A 1,500-word report that covers the key nahual and cosmic energy for each of your three stages of life and how to apply them.

A chart like the one on the right (the Constellation) or a similar five-sign chart, the Tree of Life.

Astrological attributes, both positive and negative, for your nahual.

Your Year Bearer, Trecena Ruler and Their Significance

Your Best Relationships Based on Other People's Day Signs

Your Power Places, Colors and Totems

When and how to perform genuine Mayan ceremonies related to your nahual.


The Constellation and Tree of Life are the key Mayan astrological charts used for readings.

Mayan Astrology Readings: The Constellation

Shay's Mayan astrology readings utilize the Constellation, an expanded version of the Mayan Tree of Life, a part of the teachings of the Ki'che' Maya that is rarely employed outside the Guatemalan highlands.

The Constellation provides not only a person's main Mayan day sign of Adulthood, but also the nahuales of Youth and Future, as well as the Action and Feeling nahuales for each of the three key stages of life.


This "road map" for an individual's life affords guidance on the spiritual and material planes.

Mayan Relationship Charts and Horoscopes

Shay can also do relationship charts for two people by combining two people's Mayan day signs to create a third day sign that reflects the combined energies of the two and reveals their strengths and challenges.

Rates for Mayan Astrology Readings

Shay is not doing readings at this time except for research purposes.


Researched and written in Guatemala, The Mayan Calendar User's Guide reveals astrological techniques and secrets never before published in the English language.

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