Mayan Astrology Readings, Charts and Horoscopes


Mayan day signs, horoscopes and astrological charts are based on the Mayan Sacred Calendar.

Mayan Astrology Readings from Guatemala

The only non-Maya I recommend for Mayan astrology readings is Mark Elmy, who has studied with Maya elders in Momostengo, Guatemala, and at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, where he live has lived for ten years. Mark has studied Mayan astrology for 20 years and has been doing readings since 2011.

Mark does the nine-nahual Tree of Life chart, which reveals the strengths and challenges of your life in a detailed analysis based on which stage of life you in. This chart, seen here, shows influences from your past, future, intuitive and physical sides, and could help you understand how to engage with your talents. It may also explain your challenges and what you can to do overcome them.

He sends you a ten-page report before doing a live reading via Skype or Zoom that lasts for about 90 minutes.

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The Constellation and Tree of Life are the key Mayan astrological charts used for readings.

Mayan Astrology Readings: The Nine-Nahual Chart (Constellation)

The Constellation, the Mayan Tree of Life, a part of the teachings of the Ki'che' Maya that is rarely employed outside the Guatemalan highlands.

The Constellation provides not only a person's main Mayan day sign of Adulthood, but also the nahuales of Youth and Future, as well as the Action and Feeling nahuales for each of the three key stages of life.


This "road map" for an individual's life affords guidance on the spiritual and material planes.

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